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" I recently came to the realisation that everything I write about might be me just asking over and over again whether good people can do bad things (yes, they can) and whether a bad person or a person who has done bad things can still be loved (more complicated, more subjective). I hope that - through my writing - I can humanise the condemned. Whilst forgiveness might be too much to ask for them, at least an understanding of who they are and why they do what they do might be found."


" Writing, for me, is an intensely political act. I'm tired of seeing plays that show me nothing other than white upper-class liberalism; dinner party plays is what I call them. But the landscape is changing, slowly I think, but changing nonetheless; and I write to be a part of this slow shift to show lives other than what seems to fill the bookshelves and theatres. I also like to hope that if I can make work in this world then others like me will join in, tell different stories, fill those bookshelves, those theatres, in time."


"I  have always been and always will be a storyteller; whether it be spoken, written or performed. Writing is a way of having mine and other people's voice heard simultaneously: we speak as people and challenge the status quo by exploring politics, the way people communicate, philosophy, history and pop culture. I actually struggle hugely with writing which is part of the reason why I love it so much, the process and challenge, it's almost like an unrequited love. "

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" I was brought up to think other people’s thoughts. To see the world through other people’s eyes. To feel in prescribed ways — second-hand guilt, shame, loyalty, even joy. Writing is my way of recovering my own naked eyes, my naked thoughts, my buried feelings...to understand and to begin to heal the brokenness in the world outside. And the worlds within."

Meet The


Barbara Houseman

"My passion is helping people to find their voices, tell their stories, especially those voices and stories which are not usually heard. Theatre can follow or lead - reflecting the world as it is or as it could be. Now is the time to lead."

Nastazja Somers

"For me theatre means community. My passion for theatre as a political force was sparked during my teenage years in Poland and I strive to implement that notion in everything I do. I'm here to dismantle stifled and colonialist ideas of what theatre means and create a real sisterhood."


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